The Bachelor Project’s Dominico Maxwell recently had the opportunity to speak with SHADE Hatz about their Hat line. Be sure to read below to see how they got their start, what sets their hat line apart from other lines, and where you can get your SHADE Hat. You don’t want to miss this interview. Enjoy. 


Hello. Can you please tell our readers where your SHADE Hatz is based out of?

Hot Hot Phoenix, AZ.


How long has your company been around for?

Shade Hats was established January 2013.

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What’s the concept behind SHADE?

SHADE is actually an acronym standing for S= Strength H= Hustle A= Attitude D= Determination E= Energy. These are 5 concepts we believe are key in succeeding in every aspect of life.


Every business has its struggles. What were some of the difficulties you experienced with trying to get SHADE up off the ground and running?

Finding a quality hat and making sure the product came out like my initial vision was the hardest part about getting things started. Once we found the right hats and stitching techniques the hats slowly stated selling themselves.


Which color hat is the most popular seller for your brand?

Any one of our animal print designs surprisingly. [Laughs]


How does SHADE Hatz differ from other hat lines that are around?

A lot of these other companies explode after celebrities and or high profile people where scene wearing their brand. That is all good an well and we have a couple rocking our hats as we speak, but that is not our ultimate goal…Organic growth will be the key to our success and that’s a main reason why we differ from the rest. SHADE HATS believes so much in what we stand for, their ultimately isn’t a need for a cosign or what not. The fact that everyone in the world can relate to having Strength or having the right attitude and energy towards a certain situation is enough for SHADE HATS to make its mark. People will be wearing not only an accessory that matches the latest J’s or summer bathing suite but also believing in an outlook or a mindset…


What’s your motto for your hat line?

We don’t really have a motto sort of speak — We just run with the acronym.


Our website is The Bachelor Project and we have a strong male reader base. Can you tell our readers what are the benefits of having a SHADE Hat in their wardrobe?

We have a lot of unique styles and exclusive hats at our customers disposal. Customers also have the ability to create custom looks along with our standard lines for the seasons. What’s better than walking around knowing that you are only one of ten people that have this hat in the entire world? Exclusivity is key. Everyone wants to be an individual vs fitting in.


Are SHADE Hatz custom or do you only have a specific variety to choose from?

Yes we do make custom “SHADE” hats along with our standard colors for our season collections. All of our inventory is limited.


What can we expect from your brand in the future?

We’ll have work out clothes and high fashion T-shirts coming soon.


Where can our readers purchase SHADE Hatz? is coming soon. As for now please check us out on Facebook and Instagram. Send all inquires to


It’s been a pleasure; Is there anything you would like to say to our readers?



Courtesy of SHADE Hatz and Dominico Maxwell