The Bachelor Project’s Dominico Maxwell recently had the opportunity to speak with Lon of SINMAKER Energy Drink. Be sure to read the interview below to find out how SINMAKER got their start, how they came up with their concept, and what we can expect from them in the future.


What’s up Lon, how are you?

Hey Dominco, doing great thanks.


Can you tell our readers what year was your Energy Drink founded and
what city you’re based out of?

Sure, the concept of Sinmaker was developed several years ago but my
partner, David Richard and I only recently began actual development of the
product and have had actual product since December of 2012! We are based
out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana and all SINMAKER products are made in the
New Orleans, Louisiana area.


How did you come up with the Concept for SINMAKER Energy?

Great question, after being in the energy drink and mixer business for 5
years now, we decided to look into the possibility of make a drink mixer
that tasted great as our first priority. We knew that it had to be a
bag-in-box product to run off of the bar gun for speed, waste reduction
and cost efficiency As we were developing the taste profile and began the
testing and mixology process we found that our product actually removed
most of the harshness of cheaper liquors and even mixed with beer. From
there we ran with it and tested it with all spirits and beers with success
in all categories. Since launching the original SINMAKER in December, 2013
we have developed SINMAKER ENERGY by increasing the caffeine content via
the guarana berry to 80mg per 8.4oz and it turned out to have the same
great taste as our SINMAKER Mixer but with delicious, long lasting energy


What were some of the challenges you faced with getting SINMAKER Energy
Drink off the ground?

Our main challenge is getting over the consumers belief that everything
out of the bar gun is cheap and tastes bad. SINMAKER is a premium product
that was developed for the bar gun and not something trying to taste like
other products out there for a cheaper price. Once we ease them past that
hurdle and they actually taste SINMAKER we have an instant fan of


What is it about SINMAKER Energy drink that makes it different from
other energy drinks?

Taste. The first thing that everyone says about SINMAKER Energy is its
smoothness and how great it tastes. Even people that say they do not like
energy drinks will drink the whole glass and ask for another after trying
it. Besides the taste, we do not add Taurine or Inositol like the majority
of other energy drinks. Those two chemicals are there to spike your body
with caffeine quickly which translates to the nervousness and jitters
associated with energy drinks as well as the bad taste that energy drinks
are known for.


Please tell our readers why they need SINMAKER Energy Drink in their

Hmm, that’s funny! I don’t like to be told what to have in my life so I
will just say that if you do consume energy drinks, give SINMAKER energy a
shot and you won’t be disappointed.


I understand you have a SINMAKER Cult Challenger. Its a very nice car. How
did you come up with the concept for that car?

The Sinmaker Challenger was originally created as the Cult Energy
Challenger to run the Texas Mile course. We have since re-branded the
Challenger as the Sinmaker Challenger and put even more exotic, hardcore
modifications to this already insanely powerful car. We are releasing
sneak peeks of the mods as they happen on our facebook page.


What can we expect from SINMAKER Energy Drink in the future?

I am predicting that SINMAKER Energy and SIMAKER Plus will be the next two
permanent buttons on the bar gun across the world. For those looking for
an energy drink, SINMAKER is the best tasting drink out there that
provides long lasting energy. SINMAKER Plus is the same great taste as
SINMAKER Energy but makes all liquors seem to taste smoother.


Where can our readers learn more about SINMAKER Energy Drink and purchase
it at?

Our website at is still in development but should be up
around the time of this article. They can check us out on our facebook
page see everything going on from the
SINMAKER Challenger to new accounts, drink recipes and behind the scenes
pics. As for purchasing, we are currently in 6 states since launching in
December with more distribution agreements pending now. (Louisiana,
Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas).


On behalf of The Bachelor Project; Its been a pleasure speaking with you
Lon. Is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

It’s been an absolute pleasure for us as well! I would like to thank
everyone that has tried SINMAKER so far, their support has been incredible on a brand new product like SINMAKER. If you haven’t tried it, watch for it in
your area soon, it really is an amazing drink. Drink SINMAKER and blame
tonight on the drink.


Courtesy of SINMAKER Energy and Dominico Maxwell

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Dominico Maxwell has been the Editor of The Bachelor Project since 2008. He also blogs for the website.