This is the Pyramid House. It’s a conceptual home made by Mexican architect Juan Carlos Ramos and it’s indeed unique.


It was created and submitted as a proposal for an architecture competition. It has this very basic geometric form that we’re all acquainted with but it presents it in such a special and sudden way it is unattainable not to be mesmerized by it. The residence is eye-catching, unusual and iconic at the exact same time.



The Pyramid House has several windows, not all placed at the identical degree and not all with the very same dimensions of form. They cut out the triangular facades and they let natural light to get into the home. 1 façade is fundamentally a massive window that lets you see every little thing inside the multi-degree interior of the house. In there, you can uncover a library, a balcony, 2 bedrooms and a recording studio.





Courtesy of: interiordesignarticle

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