If you ever happen to spot a luxurious, glass structure floating off the coast, it could very well be this insane mega yacht.



The concept was designed by Lujac Desautel, who also qualified as a finalist for the “young designer of the year” award, according to Tuvie. The yacht’s name? Well, it’s not too far off from exactly what it is. Desautel named it “Luxurious Glass Super Yacht.”

The design features vibrant LED lights that wrap around the base of the vessel, which cause it to glow while at sea. Its sleek and minimal design make it stand out from the common, triangular-style yacht build.


It almost looks as if there’s a penthouse sitting on top of a modern cruise ship. Its interior will feature plush, white leather couches, a piano, a few in-ground pools and crystal chandeliers throughout. There will also be giant Lego blocks in certain suites that serve as artistic seating areas.


In terms of pricing, availability and the likelihood of mass production, there has been no word, but with this type of design, we could see Lujac Desautel’s concept easily being picked up by one of the prime yacht builders in the industry.




Courtesy of: elitedaily

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