Based in the United States, Frends is a brand looking forward to manufacturing all sorts of striking-looking headphones for both the rich and common folk. 

Masterfully Crafted Accessories Inspired By Vintage Jewellery: Gold Layla Headphones

Made of real lambskin leather and garnished with hand-molded metal, Frends’ Gold Layla Headphones are fitted with soft memory foam ear cushions. Furthermore, they are superbly presented in a gorgeous box wrapped in mock-croc material, a ribbon that says “Open Me” and magnetic opening mechanism.

 Gold Layla Headphones

Put shortly, this is a well crafted, high-quality piece of gadgetry, destined for those looking for both comfort and great sound while enjoying their favorite sounds – of course, they go perfectly with girlish music. Technically-wise, they boast iPhone compatibility, as well as with laptops, iPods and MP3 players. The only problem (not a big one, though) is the price – £120 ($200) a pair.


Courtesy of: luxatic

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