Die-hard skating enthusiasts that also have a taste for the fine things in life would undoubtedly appreciate owning one of these glistening gold-plated skateboards by SHUT.


Flaunting a price tag of $15,000, this lavish product was created with the help of experts from the LES skate shop and boasts a classic design that involves classic measurements of 31 and a half inches in length, while its weight is about 9 lb.


Naturally, the most important thing about this fully functional skateboard is the fact that it was drenched in gold. By going through a complex electroplating process, the deck becomes enveloped in the luxurious material that features a purity of 99%, but the product’s high-end INDEPENDENT tracks are also worth a mention because they provide a seamless skating experience.


Upon purchase, the owner of this amazing product also receives a pair of archival gloves that are 100% cotton. Sadly, SHUT’s online store currently lists this skateboard s “out of stock”, but we’re quite sure that if you really want to get your hands on one of these skateboards, SHUT will probably help you out.


Courtesy of: raredelights

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