When Grado Labs say “improved”, they mean “exceeding expectations in every single detail”. The company’s latest over-the-ear headphone models are part of a new e line called e Series. Each piece is an absolute winner and boasts the best materials, components and design.


The company’s Brooklyn facility is where the awesome headphones are made by hand. The new line boasts “the most refined driver geometry” ever delivered by Grado, and keep in mind that this comes from a company whose products have already been described as “the finest electricity-to-sound transducer in the world”. So that should tell you a lot about how amazing these units are.


Every single detail was considered when creating Grado’s third generation of headphones. To avoid corrosion on connectors, the manufacturer used Rhodium, Earth’s most expensive metal. Fine-tuned magnetic fields ensure “symmetry throughout the full range of the voice coil”. Sound coloration is reduced with help from cleverly cured Mahogany tonewoods. For a clearer tone, excess energy is absorbed by the company’s own SpaceBlack Polycarbonate components. Want “outstanding dynamics and fidelity”? Choose the new e Series from Grado.

Courtesy of: raredelights

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