Bachelor’s step your approach game up! The Bachelor Project recently spoke with Author Alan Roger Currie about his best selling book ‘Mode one’ and also his newly released book ‘Upfront and Straightforward.’

What’s up Alan, you are the author of ‘Mode One,’ can you explain to some of our readers who may not be familiar what ‘Mode One’ is?

The “Mode One” Approach is all about non-manipulative behavior. What I do, in a nutshell, is encourage men to express their romantic and/or sexual desires, interests and intentions to women in a more highly self-assured, upfront and straightforwardly honest manner.

What inspired you to write the Mode One?

A few things. One was actually, of all things, a character in a porno movie. The adult film was entitled “Talk Dirty To Me,” and the lead character was this incorrigible womanizer named “Jack” (John Leslie). At that point in my life, I had never heard a man be that straightforward with his sexual desires and interests as the character of “Jack.” Blew my mind. So 2 or 3 years later, I started essentially “imitating” his unapologetic candidness. And it worked for me. Second thing, was being around a high number of “frustrated ‘nice guy’ types.” I knew there was a means of eliminating the anger, frustration and bitterness that they were experiencing.

Is your book specifically for men who are having trouble approaching women or is it for men in general?

I would say it’s for both. As I just mentioned, initially it was for two types of guys: The “frustrated ‘nice guy’ types” and the “wall flowers” (i.e., men who go to nightclubs and social events and just stand around staring at women)

What do you think causes the problem that a lot of guys have with approaching women and be upfront with them?

Men have two primary fears with women: 1) The fear of being disliked and/or harshly criticized; This leads to MODE TWO Behavior .2) The fear of being rejected and/or indefinitely ignored by women. This leads to MODE THREE Behavior

Is ‘Mode One’ something that you can use in other areas in your life besides dealing with women?

Very much so. That’s the #1 response I receive from my readers. Many men (and women) say, “Alan … your principles apply to EVERYTHING … not just dating and relationships. I’ve applied the Mode One principles and philosophies to my interpersonal communication habits with business colleagues, family members, everyone.”

You have a new book titled ‘Upfront and Straightforward,’ what is that book based on?

It continues many of the same themes of the original “Mode One” book. I go deeper into the whole underlying motivations behind men and women’s “manipulative head games.” This book was written for both genders, where as “Mode One” was primarily written for men.

What are the similarities between ‘Mode One’ and Upfront and Straightforward, and what sets the two apart?

The main similarity is the theme of upfront, straightforward honesty. Straightforward honesty is the #1 way to quickly identify manipulative tendencies in others. The difference between the two books is that my second book exposes men’s hypocrisies and duplicitous behavior as much as it does the same for women. It goes into more detail about the four general types of women you will always interact with: Reciprocators, Rejecters, Pretenders and Timewasters.

I know that your books are great and helpful, but why should the people who are unfamiliar with you purchase your books?

I think the primary demographic group who does purchase my book, and should purchase my book, are those who are a) deeply afraid of rejection; b) deeply afraid of being criticized by others; and/or c) very frustrated by manipulative head games. My books have helped men and women not only in the United States, but in the entire world.

Where can our readers check you out at on the web and purchase your books?

And my radio show is at

Is there anything that you would like to say to our readers?

I’d like to thank you Dominico for your genuine desire for the readers to learn more about The Mode One Approach and my principles and philosophies. Your gesture is very much appreciated my friend. I think my readers should understand that when you attempt to manipulate others ….you open the door for others to manipulate you. Thanks….ARC

Props to Dominico and Alan Roger Currie

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