If you have a liking for the bold and beautiful red color and are on the hunt for Bluetooth speaker or an FM radio for yourself, you need to head straight to HiddenRadio.



The audio firm has lately launched a limited edition of its Kickstarter-funded Hidden Radio Bluetooth speaker with FM radio and amplifier in metallic red. The cap on the speakers let you control the volume. Lifting up the cap turns on the speaker and lifting it more increases the volume. The speaker drivers and the smart cone design ensure that sound is evenly distributed across the room.

The multifunctional unit combines a Bluetooth speaker, amplifier and FM radio in one unit and works fine with iOS devices, Android smartphones, laptops and tablets. Highly portable, the HiddenRadio speaker fits in your backpack, with its lithium-ion battery offering 15 hours of quality sound. Recharging is done via USB. The metallic red HiddenRadio Bluetooth speaker is priced at $145.95 and only 462 out of the limited run of 500 units have been left now for sale.


Courtesy of: homechunk

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