A studio called Maximo Riera created the Hippopotamus Sofa, a full-size representation of the mighty beast that would look absolutely fantastic in any contemporary living room.



The sofa measures 4.5 feet in height and 9.7 feet in breadth – the same dimensions of an adult, male hippopotamus.


Called River Horse by the ancient Greeks, this extraordinary animal is replicated masterfully from head to toe, which means that even the surface of the sofa features small imperfections that would be found on the skin of a real animal. The seat of the sofa is placed on one side, which means that the other side of the furniture piece looks exactly the same as a normal hippo would.


Limited to just 20 units and priced at $95,000, the Hippopotamus Sofa by Maximo Riera is a unique and original product that could definitely transform even the dullest of living rooms into hot topics of conversation.


Courtesy of: luxedb

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