How have things changed since your book release?
Once you become a published author, people take what you say a lot more seriously, and as a result, I have received a lot of media attention.
But the part I enjoy best, is having people come up to me in the street telling me how much my book has helped them. This means a lot more to me than the prestige you get from getting your work published in print.

When did you establish your team of wing girls and why did you do it?

I established my team wing girls the moment I set up my company. I only take on women who are very familiar with the pick up community, and who are honest in their feedback, and are able to articulate and break down in to fine detail how they feel the student is doing.
Having an HONEST female point of view is in my opinion invaluable to help men on their journey of becoming more successful with women, and it is an idea that a lot of the major PUA companies reject, on the basis that women are unable to give really valuable and honest advice. I also think that a lot of the PUA community is a bit like a “Boys only club” and therefore the notion of having women enter that club is going against some unspoken code of rules. Most women, I believe DO give vague and useless feedback and advice, but this is not the case with my wing girls, and I make sure of that.

How does it feel getting guys to come out of there shell? Any interesting stories?
Coming out of their shell, or getting guys do maximize their natural strengths and destroy their sticking points is what my job is all about, and I because I love a challenge, helping a guy achieve this makes me so proud of him and myself and my team. I have literally hundreds of stories like this, but one f the best ones, was when I was helping a very difficult older student (in his mid 40s) who had been married to a woman who had emotionally bullied him for 15 years. He had finally plucked up the courage to divorce her, but he quickly realized that he had lost all his personality as a result of bullying, He came to me with no idea of what he liked or what he didn’t like or who he was. It took me 3 whole months to help him rediscover the happy go lucky ma he once was, and as a result he became unstoppable with women. He is now living with a wonderful woman that he met shortly after the coaching he did with me ad the team.

Do guys approach you different now that they know who you are?

Yes. They either ask me a ton of questions about pick up, and try their luck in getting a free lesson from me when I’m out with my friends. Or, they use ‘negs’ on me, because they presume I consider myself to be too high value. My book clearly states that negs are a waste of time, and that there are other more effective options they can use to achieve the same results. Unfortunately negs are a quick and easy way to make the guy feel a little more important even if its only for a few seconds.

What advice do you have to the nay sayers who don’t believe in your routines?
It depends whether they are being antagonistic or genuine with what they are saying. If they are genuine with the fact that they don’t believe it works, then I simply tell them to say the same thing with any one of the thousand guys that I have helped. I have so many video testimonials from men who are prepared to go on camera and be on youtube because they are so grateful for what I have done for them. Most companies have just written testimonials that anyone could have written.

Do you have any tips for guys for the summer?

I do not differentiate between seasons in relation to the actual skills and techniques that I teach. But guys should note, that women are more likely to be looking for holiday romances (especially tourists) When we are n holiday away from the timetable of every day life, we are far likely to just ‘ go for it’ whether it is trying a new sport, buying something extravagant or sleeping with someone we hardly know.
The summer also brings out the best in people, we feel more positive and happy in general, which naturally will make it easier for guys to use their skills on women.

With everything being online can you stress to guys why is it good to step away from the computer?
I actually think that online dating is an inevitable result of the way things are heading. For the first time ever, major dating companies are receiving an equal amount of sign ups from women! This is something that cannot be ignored. Which is why I now teach guys how they can increase their success rate with women online. I do this by showing ways in which they can improve their online profile, and also ways in which they can get better responses with their messages. However, I do stress to guys that need to make the online interaction with a woman as brief as possible. A lot of guys make the mistake of talking for weeks which become months to a certain woman on line, the longer they leave it, the harder it will be to turn hat online interaction into a real life date.

So what new projects can we look forward to you in the future?
Right now, the bootcamps and the 7-day pick up mastery course students are taking up the majority of my time, but I am currently working on my new ‘ONLINE DATING’ e-book. I never anticipated the success of my ‘ text and phone game’ e-book, and since then a lot of men have been emailing me asking if I had any plans to write an ‘online dating’ e-book. I am also working on my next DVD set, which is the long awaited “ sexual escalation’ DVD set, which is going to be huge. I have also been signed up by a new publishing company (one of the largest publishing houses in Europe) to reprint my book, with a new name, new cover and a few changes, where I get to expose certain so called pick up gurus ( mwhahahha) There has also been a fair bit of interest from some well known American TV network companies with ideas for me to get my own show (helping guys get women).