Mark Paul Deren a.k.a. MADSTEEZ  is a multi-faceted artist and designer, regardless of only having the ability to see out of one eye. He is known for his vibrant, large-scale and multi-layered paintings, often mixing odd and familiar characters into abstract landscapes.


Montana Colors invited MADSTEEZ to Barcelona for a private tour of their International Headquarters to check out the behind-the-scenes process of  the spray cans from start to finish. The artist also painted a mural during his visit for the Open Walls Conference. The  Mi WEENperro es tu WEENperro mural was inspired by the gap between the social classes depicted as three vividly surreal purple ‘WEENer’ dogs on an eye-popping color-blocked background. Be sure to check out the images, as well as the video below for the insights of MADSTEEZ’s Barcelona trip, including a short interview with the witty artist.


Courtesy of: HB

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