The spectacular 2014 Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series is basically an amped up version of the regular SLS, flaunting improved performance capabilities and a much more menacing personality overall.


Consequently, its beastly 6.8-liter V8 engine is now able to dish out 622 horsepower, which is a major improvement over the standard 583.



This impressive performance boost was achieved through a series of modifications that include a revised valvetrain, a derestricted air intake, a redline elevation to 8000 rpm and an increased compression ratio. However, the car doesn’t seem to be able to take full advantage of its new found power, since the torque figures dropped to 468 lb-ft from 479. Nevertheless, the grip was improved by implementing a new locking rear differential, while the control-arm suspension was completely revamped.

Visually speaking, the Black Series SLS boasts a carbon-fiber trim along with some superb air intakes, while the front end features a big heat extractor placed in the center of the hood, which also increases downforce.  Other details include four exhaust finishers as well as a wider body, complemented by the stunning Solar Beam exterior finish that comes with all Black Series vehicles.  The interior flaunts Designo leather, swathed in faux suede, red accents and carbon-trimmings.




Courtesy of: raredelights

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