A couple of years back, what MB&F had shown us was indeed a special work art in the world of haute horologie; the HM4 Thunderbolt watch. Now the same creation makes yet another entry, in the form of the HM4 RT which combines the delicacy and refinement of metals like rose gold and titanium, along with inheriting the abstract yet perfection of its predecessor. Developing the complex engine in house, along with the aerodynamic shaping took the folks at MB&F close to 3 years of persistence, before the RT edition of the watch finally came into being.

The RT (Rose gold & Titanium) edition brings back the ‘Jules Verne’ flying machine design yet again by using the sophistication of 5N red gold, and grade 5 Titanium for creating the chassis, which has the 2 barrels with individual dials. There are a total of 3 main functions that these dials put on display, including the power reserve on the left, and the hours and minutes on right dial. The right dial as one may notice bears an uncanny resemblance to the control panel of a fighter plane. Other than this fabrication, there are transparent sapphire crystals being used to partially expose the skeleton within these barrels, and also the central point between these barrels. Due to the unique properties, the sapphire crystal is what forms the main covering of the dials, making them scratch resistant and anti-reflective too.

Inside the engine, there are 311 minute components, of which 50 are jewels. This engine would actually be beating at the rate of 21,600 beats per hour, and the main source of power becomes the manual winding mechanism. The power reserve of this mechanism stands at 72 hours before it needs a rewind again. However, this wouldn’t include the rest of the casing, which has 65 more minute components. The buckling in this case is pure titanium adding a rather aesthetic contrast to the overall looks. The attached strapping is hand stitched calf-skin leather in brown.

For those who wish list already has this watch, be sure to hurry in your requests, as there are going to be only 18 of them ever made for sale, with each bearing the separate numbering on the lower side of the case. And just in case, there are other designs to be compared within this brand, than the Legacy Machine 1 or the HM3 ReBel are most recent alternatives.

Courtesy of: bornrich

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