In Paris’ affluent district of La Défense, you will find some of the most remarkable pieces of modern art. Within an area of 400 acres, there are more than 60 statues, sculptures and monuments designed by artists such as Louis-Ernest Barrias and Alexander Calder.


 One monument that sticks out like a giant stick of candy is the brilliantly colored tower called Cheminée Moretti or simply as Le Moretti.


It is a 32-meters high chimney dressed in colorful strands of fiberglass. Le Moretti is composed of 672 fiberglass tubes with a diameter ranging from 2 to 30 cm painted in 19 different colors. The fiberglass tubes run a total length of 22 km and weighs of 27.5 tonnes.  These tubes cover the entire outer surface of the chimney. At night, the chimney is lit by floodlights, allowing it to be reflected in the windows of the surrounding buildings.


The work is located in the district of La Défense between buildings Neuilly Defence and Manhattan Square. The structure was completed in 1990 and inaugurated in 1995.







Courtesy of: amusingplanet


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