Over the years, Moscot has become renowned for producing luxury eyewear that is future-facing yet still references the past.



In honor of its 100th year anniversary the brand is again turning to the archives, and offering five new styles for Fall 2015. The styles: Aidim, Bren, Keppe, Zayde and Zetz, pay homage to the people intimately involved with Moscot’s history, heritage and contemporary success. For instance, the Zetz is lovingly named after the company’s resident optometrist while the Bren tips a hat to a longtime employee.







Since the offerings are part of the Originals line, it’s nice to see Moscot continuing to consider how to imbue the line-up with a timeless sensibility. We’ve got to see, we’re enjoying the clean lines, sharp silhouettes and classic shapes.

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Courtesy of: selectism

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