Motor enthusiasts will be getting revved up as BMW follows up their preview of AirTouch with the full details from this year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show).



The i Vision sees the Air Touch re-design, which offers a control system that runs on hand gestures, along with voice and touch, displayed in high-res of course.


With their second vehicle, the name says it all as the i8 Mirrorless concept says goodbye to conventional side mirrors and replaces them with a new set of four scratch-free Gorilla glass-covered cameras. Viewing the footage of what’s going on outside gets a sleek update, as it’s now displayed on the rearview mirror.


Like all concept vehicles, however, there’s no telling if these exact models will ever be hitting the market. On the other hand, it gives us a good idea of where the German car manufacturer plans to head in the near future.


Stay tuned for more from CES 2016 and in the meantime, take BMW’s latest M2 Coupe for a spin. Afterwards, check out the iTron portable battery pack that can charge an iPhone 6 in three minutes.


Courtesy of: HS

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