The Bachelor Project is proud to announce our new Bach Lady of the Week: Ms. Brown. Be sure to check out her feature below to see how she got her start with modeling, the type of man she’s interested in, and what makes her a good candidate for a Bachelor.


Hello, can you please tell our website viewers where you’re originally from and where you currently reside?

I am originally from Oakland, CA, however I currently reside in Los Angeles.


How did you get started with modeling and how long have you been doing it for?

My very first experience in the modeling world was attending Barbizon modeling school in San Francisco when I was 10. After high school I moved to LA to attend and complete cosmetology school where I was convinced to get back into modeling. I got some professional photos taken and a few weeks later I found an agency and began booking jobs with HBO, KSWISS, NIKE, VIBE Awards, and various local fashion shows. At that time I modeled about 4 years. Now, 6 years later after working as a fashion buyer and a pharmacy technician I am getting back into the modeling world. I would say I have a good 6 years of modeling under my belt.


Do you have any other talents besides modeling, if so what are they?

I have so many other random talents besides modeling. I am a licensed pharmacy technician, I can surf, I make the best fried chicken, I graduated from cosmetology school, I completed real estate school as well as fashion merchandising school. I can speak a bit of Spanish and although I am tremendously shy, I can sing and dance a bit.


Switching the subject a little bit since this is The Bachelor Project. What type of guys are you interested in?

I have dated guys from all walks of life but the older I get I am realizing that I don’t really have a specific type. I can find the good in anyone, HOWEVER! I do like attractive business men who are in shape and have a tiny bit of cockiness about themselves. So I guess that would be my type [Laughs].


What makes you a good candidate for a Bachelor?

I am very down-to-earth and I can get along with anyone. Although I do go on dates, I am not looking for any bachelors at the moment.


What is the most romantic thing that you ever did for a man and what was the occasion?

Honestly, I’m not that romantic [Laughs]. I think it’s a bit awkward and corny. I just like to be in the moment and have fun. That’s romantic to me.


If you can go on a perfect date, what would it consist of?

A perfect date to me would consist of first going to a fancy dinner because I like to get all dressed up. After dinner maybe go to a wine bar or a nice hotel bar for a few drinks. After we’re feeling nice and toasty finish it off at the beach wrapped up in blankets, making out and falling asleep. That sounds amazing!


Where else can our readers check out you and your work out?

You can find me on Instagram my username is @_ms_brown__ I have a personal website but its private, contact me for access.


It’s been a pleasure; Is there anything that you would like to say to our readers?

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me. I appreciate this opportunity. Keep your eyes open for more of me. [Smile]


Courtesy of Ms. Brown and Dominico Maxwell

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