Mystic Vintage is an eyewear brand which carries the finest lineage of iconic and vintage frames from brands such as Cazal, Christian Dior, Dunhill, Silhouette and Metzler. This season, the Singapore based eyewear brand releases their “Alchemy & Sorcery” featuring their first browline glasses (Alchemy) and their iconic nose-bridge sunglasses (Sorcery).

Alchemy is the first browline glasses (a style of eyewear invented in 1947 by Jack Rohrbach) by Mystic Vintage. The design is a modern take on a classic shape, featuring an acetate nose bridge, angular temples and alchemic colors. Inspired by the art of Transmutation, spells were referenced from the 80s cartoon series Visionaries. Alchemy is available in Black, Grey and Tortoise shell.

Sporting gentle curves, diamond studs and the iconic Mystic Vintage nose-bridge, Sorcery is a frame which embodies the qualities of Magic. Drawing inspiration from songs and scenes of the movie ‘Labyrinth’, these magical quotes are lifted to accompany the sunglasses. The are available in Black, Copper and Clear Purple. It comes fitted with mirrored finished lenses, to give you that extra bling and protection from the sun.

Courtesy of: streething

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