Koenigsegg owners must be the most sadistic bunch out there. Why? Because they have put Koenigsegg through making these two special edition CCX and CCXR models by sheer demand. What a painful experience it must have been for the Swedes to create these twins to the specs that they boast. Both feature carbon wheels, amplifiers, Satnav or Bluetooth, a rearview camera for those of us whose parking skills go as far as our pinky fingers, and matched carpets. Don’t skip to the end yet, the specs are on their way; I’m just trying to work my way towards them, just to make sure I’m not seeing things here. Right. The carbon fiber body compliments the wide wing design and lowered chassis. So special are these cars that only 14 of the CCX are being made available, while the CCXR will be as scarce as an honest politician. We move on from the gravy and on to the meat. CCX would be the base model, as base as you can get in so far as Koenigsegg is concerned. The same 4.8-litre V8 of cast aluminium origin is employed for heavy wheel-spin duty on both cars. Accompanying it are two superchargers that blow harder than Little Red Riding Hood’s proverbial wolf, forcing 888 bhp/ 662kW and some 920Nm of torque to the wheels. Zero – 100km/h is dispatched in two blinks of an eye, at 2.9 seconds, running out of speed shortly after 400km/h.

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