The international soccer community is in a frenzy this summer thanks to the massive convergence taking place in Brazil. This means folks from different countries, cities, and boroughs even— all over the globe— are at attention and in grand hopes of their team’s road to victory. Queens, New York City isn’t immune to the highly contagious fever. 


Considering that the borough is a melting pot of soccer-loving ethnic communities like Colombians, Jamaicans, Mexicans, Germans and Greeks, among others, it certainly won’t be difficult to find locals gathered up at bars, restaurants, delis, or even in plain public, tuning in to the play-by-play of the latest match.


It was for this reason that the Queens-founded Smart Crew decided to make use of their special box truck canvas, provided by Nike NYC, to commemorate the spirit of the biggest soccer event on the planet. Formed circa 1997 by original members MEY, SYCO13, and LUK, the diverse squad has been gaining attention and strength since. They approach graffiti in a very collective and calculated manner that very much reflects, not only their name and iconic “S” with graduate cap emblem, but also the diverse unity found in soccer culture. The crew gets down like the teams get down!


They definitely don’t call themselves “Smart” for nothing, as the writers went to work on the elements that simultaneously pay homage to the Queens borough, the city’s graffiti culture, and soccer. One side of the truck features the crew’s name executed in a vintage postcard-inspired style, wherein each letter features its own level of micro details: the barrage of Smart Crew member stickers that make up the “S,” the Kilroy-esque ode to graffiti in the “M,” or the memorable Flushing Meadows Park observation towers from the historic 1964 World’s Fair in the “R.” While the rest of the truck, even the “NYC” side, features a black and white soccer ball pattern laced with throw ups of the entire crew and its affiliates— certainly evoking the team-oriented soul of the crew’s work.


Add a bottom trim of green grass and a backside of the crew’s forward-moving cloudburst throwie, and you’ve got yourself an actionpacked ball of motion just waiting to shoot out and grab the attention of onlookers, graffiti aficionados, and soccer fanatics alike. Anyone that knows their flags will also note the Brazilian yellow and green trims that adorn the completed truck— an homage that, thanks to the technology of photos and social media, is sure to resonate all the way down to São Paulo this summer!


Courtesy of: massappeal

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