The black fist, a symbol of solidarity, struggle and ultimately perseverance, was on display for the world to see in the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City. There, Tommie Smith and John Carlos shared a courageous act on sport’s highest stage.

During those games, Smith, a PUMA ambassador, made history by winning the 200m sprint in under 20 seconds. And as he made his way to the medal podium for gold to be placed around his neck, he took off his PUMA Suedes to show his black socks – a sign of poverty and slavery. Then, with a black leather glove over his hand, he and his teammate altered the course of history forever and for the better, showing that athletes, too, were conscious and aware of social injustice.

PUMA honors his great achievement with the timely release of their Black History Month pack. Consisting of the PUMA Suede ($75-$90) and Sky II High ($85), each comes emblazoned with Smith’s iconic Olympic pose. Fittingly, much of the collection come in a lush noir sensibility, while multicolored patterning applied wholly across one Suede and partially on another and the Sky II High, bringing the liberating pack to a close.

The PUMA Black History Month Pack is available now in its entirety at select retailers like Sneaker Politics.


Courtesy of: nicekicks

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