A mix of high end fashion and sportswear, the new PUMA by MIHARAYASUHIRO MY-57 Pau-Brasil is a literal mix of two different sneakers!


Puma’s very own World-Cup themed shoe features a suede front half and a leather rear end. The leather half features a print showcasing the Pau-Brasil tree (Caesalpinia echinata), which is native to Brazil.


This MIHARAYASUHIRO MY-57 will release in two colorways, white or black, and is available now internationally at mita sneakers Tokyo or in the U.S. at Nordstrom.com for $139.95. Sizes are disappearing quickly at Nordstrom. The concept of this shoe is great and the execution is soemthing to behold. Let us know what you think of the PUMA by MIHARAYASUHIRO MY-57 Pau-Brasil in the comments below.






Courtesy of: weartesters

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