SoCal-based Radii Footwear delivers its upcoming Fall 2014 collection.


2014_FALL_Lookbook2 (2)

The label has some fresh colors coming this fall with all new designs like the Jax and Phuket runners, and a few boot styles including the Fuji and McKinley.

2014_FALL_Lookbook3 (2)

2014_FALL_Lookbook5 (2)

2014_FALL_Lookbook8 (2)

2014_FALL_Lookbook9 (2)

2014_FALL_Lookbook12 (2)

2014_FALL_Lookbook15 (2)

2014_FALL_Lookbook16 (2)

To find the collection and more from Radii, check out the brand website.



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