Sunday’s NFC Championship game between the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers was a great game. The game was filled with great defensive play, hard-hitting, and some a couple of great passing TDs by both Seattle’s QB Russell Wilson and 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick. But something that happened after the game is what everyone has been buzzing about for the last 3 days.

Seattle Seahawks All pro CB Richard Sherman made the game winning pass deflection which forced an interception by his teammate Malcolm Smith. The pass deflection was against 49ers WR Michael Crabtree. According to Sherman, he and Crabtree had an altercation over the off-season during a Larry Fitzgerald football camp.

Directly after the Seahawks victory, Sherman was interviewed by Fox’s Erin Andrews. See the interview below: 

That post game interview sent the internet and media into a frenzy. People were calling Sherman just about everything from a thug, classless, and even disgraceful words such as  “nigger” and “monkey.” Many of the negative remarks towards Richard Sherman revealed the hypocrisy of America. People were calling him a thug for yelling and talking down on his opponent, but when some of those people watch sports games at sports bars or on TV with friends, they yell at the TV screen and sometimes even call the players degrading names. I’ve experienced this plenty of times, especially in Sports bars and after losses. They called Sherman classless for degrading saying he’s the best CB in the NFL and calling Crabtree sorry. Their excuse was kids watch football and it was a bad example to set for children. However, some of those people are fans Hockey, which lets their players fight in Hockey games that often have children viewing. I believe fighting an opponent is both classless and lacks sportsmanship. The racial name calling just proves that racism is still alive and well and it’s obviously not going anywhere. 

I personally believe Richard Sherman was negatively labeled not necessarily for what he said, but who he is. I’m not a Journalist, but I know right from wrong and the current climate regarding race and prejudice in America. Richard Sherman was made the villain because he’s a African-American athlete with talent, dreadlocks, tattoos, and attitude. The automatically makes you a villain in America, no matter how educated you are or what University you graduated from. It doesn’t matter if he’s never been in trouble with the law as a Professional and he often gives back to charity and does work in the Seattle community. It’s a sad state we’re in because the comments which were made by people regarding Sherman prove prejudice observations are not going anywhere. 

Richard Sherman is not a thug or villain, he’s a winner.