Did you ever imagine that it would come a day when you could wear a clock on your finger? Well it seems that you might get a chance to do just that in the near future, since a team of designers led by Gusztav Szikszai is looking to bring the Ring Clock into full production.

This stylish jewelry piece comprises three rings made out of high-end stainless steel, a material chosen because of its durability and sleek appearance. The rings are used to display the seconds, minutes and hours with the help of LED lights, which come in either blue or orange shades according to preference. What makes the Ring Clock even more special is that it does not require winding, since its time telling capabilities are based entirely on electronics. As such, the ring is powered by a rechargeable lithium polymer battery that can be charged wirelessly when it is placed next to a special charging dock.

Furthermore, the water-resistant Ring Clock would come in 21 different sizes, but all we can do for now is to cross our fingers and hope that the design team will receive their much needed funding for the project.


Courtesy of: raredelights



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