The Bachelor Project recently spoke with up-n-coming R&B star Bridgette Angelique, who talks about her inspirations, music, and men. This is going to be an artist and interview to remember. Enjoy!

When did you first start singing? Who influenced you while growing up?

When I was 2, I was all into nursery rhymes- Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers. So I’d always try to sing along. But in preschool, I made my 1st debut as a performing soloist singing the ABC’s at my graduation (laughs.) Soon after I fell in love with the song, “Greatest Love of All” by Whitney Houston. I used to sing this song at almost every talent show or event, so Whitney easily became my singing idol. But then there was Michael and Janet Jackson, which I thought both had the greatest songs and dance moves. Along with these pop icons, my parents constantly played classic R&B and Soul music. I was really brought up into the Motown sound so I grew to love the musicality of The Temptations, The Supremes, Jackson 5 (of course,) and so on. In addition, the popular TV show “Star Search” really influenced me to pursue singing. I envied the praise that the singers would receive and I thought it looked fun to perform.

Do you write your own music or is there a team that you work with?

I’m proud to say it’s all me in the songwriting department. I feel it’s the ultimate art of expression and it’s also rewarding in many ways. I’ve been writing my own songs for 10 years now; I also enjoy writing for other artists as well. I recently wrote a song for an up-&-coming pop sensation, ‘J Marq’ on his album. It was a collaborated effort and I definitely wouldn’t mind collaborating with more writers in the future. As far as the music goes, I get beats from various producers; anybody from up-&-coming to multi-platinum producers. To me, the background of what they have done doesn’t matter, but instead what they’re capable of and the type of music they can produce for me to create a product of quality does.

Would you consider yourself more of a Pop or R&B artist ?

I’m not so much of a fan of the word Pop and I always strive to be considered an R&B artist. But, I can’t deny the type of music that comes out of me naturally and that’s R&B/Pop; A combination of both with emphasis on the art of R&B. I have to remind myself. Pop is short for popular, not for bubble gum “pop.”

I was listening to your track ” Super Model ” which is a great song , where the concept for that song come from ?

It all started with a clothing tag that said “let me be.” It really stuck in my head and I kept repeating it which then led me to start jamming on my guitar (even though I can’t really play.) I started channeling anger of people being so judgmental and the media filling our heads with their ideas of what’s perfect. I was angry because I struggled with weight issues as a child and got teased a lot. It made me feel very insecure and worthless at times. It took me a while to realize I was beautiful inside and out, and self love is the the best love you can have. “Supermodel” is my way of saying “F you” to people who say they love you, but want to change u. It’s good to be yourself and be happy with who you are. Plus, “Supermodel” has become my power song. I feel really good when I sing it. “No, I’m not a supermodel, no, I don’t have super powers. I can only be the person I was meant to be. So, just let me be.”

If you can work with anybody on a song who would it be, and why ?

I love working with new people, so I wouldn’t mind collaborating with any talented artist. No matter the genre. However, I definitely wish I could of collaborated with Michael Jackson. He was musically incredible; I always loved his voice and delivery. He was my idol growing up, may he R.I.P. If I had to choose one person now, then I would definitely pick Ne-yo. I admire that he writes so much for himself and other artists, he has such a gentlemen charm to him. Oh, his voice is so nice and smooth. He is very talented and I wouldn’t mind being considered a Latin female version of him (wink,wink.) (Laughs)

What do you think of the current state of the music industry , when it comes to pirating music?

I actually think pirating has helped certain artists, which in return helps labels to an extent. Sure, no one likes having money taken away from them in a stealing kind of manner; yes it affects your numbers in sales and chart listings, but sometimes you have to give a little to get a little or even a lot. It’s pretty much impossible to track everyone who bootlegs anyways. But, music is being spread amongst people who might have never have looked to listen or follow a certain artist and the music is getting exposure. This can lead to ticket sales and other possibilities. A lot of people still like buying original cds & dvds because of authenticity, memorabilia and other qualities you might not be able to take advantage of from pirating.

Now we wouldn’t be the bachelor project unless we start asking questions the guys wanna know. What are you looking for in a guy ?

Well, I love a kind-hearted, well mannered, and humble gentleman. So nice guys don’t finish last in my book. But lets be real, he’s gotta have a lil’ bad boy edge too in the sense of having a sexy swagger or not being a pushover… I love to laugh so he’s gotta have a nice smile and sense of humor. He’s gotta be goal oriented, intelligent, patient, understanding, have good hygiene, especially smell good (including breath ha ha,) and he’s gotta be my #1 fan and supporter of my career. *P.S. a guy who can cook is a definite plus (laughs.)

What can a guy do to get your attention if he’s interested, without making himself look foolish ?

First off calling a girl little nicknames without even knowing her is not cute. For ex: Shorty, ma, cutie, sexy etc… It’s annoying and sometimes creepy. Yo yo, pss pss, and other sounds or yelling from several feet away don’t work either along with grabbing. Keep your space and know your boundaries. Women are not dogs. make eye contact, strike up a conversation about something normal, then formally introduce yourself with a smile and have confidence. Being a charming yet genuine gentleman is key. Oh yeah hygiene & fresh breath is important too (laughs.)

When it comes to relationships, what are your strong points ?

I’m a good listener; I am a nice, happy-go-lucky, fun, friendly, caring, open-minded, honest, faithful, optimistic, understanding person and I’m a lover not a fighter, but I can hold my own. I will kick some major booty if someone tries to mess with you (laughs.)

What can we look forward to from you in the near future ?

Well I just signed a deal with Robec Music Group and I’m currently working on a second album and writing for other artists. So, I guess we’ll see where my hard work and destiny takes me. Check out for the latest and greatest. Follow me on and buy my debut album for now only $7.99 on or download from or itunes. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and hope you enjoy my music now and years to come. Take care and bless (smiles.)

Props to Reggie Sosa and Bridgette Angelique .

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