If you were a James Bond fan, then you would definitely appreciate the opportunity to spend some time in the iconic agent’s shoes for a while.


Visiting the Seven Hotel in Paris gives you that exact opportunity, provided you check in at the hotel’s remarkable James Bond 007 suite. The suite was sketched out by Agence Bastie and bears a sublime similarity to the actual decors that can be admired in the films.


This means that the lucky guest who gets the chance to spend some time within this lavish James Bond “cave” would be able to take full advantage of the Turkish bath, golden toilets, electronic safe, themed mini-bar, 62” inch TV and mirrored ceiling. Furthermore, booking the suite also ensures that you would receive your own 007 suit that you could show off as you explore the hotel and its surroundings in search of any suspicious behavior. The price for this incredible experience is just $620.

James-Bond-007-Suite-4 James-Bond-007-Suite-5




Courtesy of: raredelights

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