There are a lot of brands in the fashion and design industries that draw their style from the natural world. But, for most of those brands, that stops at inspiration. The folks at Shwood, however, have taken a different approach. They actually incorporate bits of nature directly into the gear they make. Take, for example, their Canby Cactus sunglasses.

Using a new process of stabilizing natural materials, these polarized sunglasses are made from a combination of Japanese lenses, high-pressure casted resin, walnut & birch wood, German spring hinges, and actual cactus skeletons. That’s right, that lightning bolt pattern is actually dried cactus skeletons set in the resin. Pair that with the classic silhouette of these shades – which looks great on most face shapes – and you’ve got yourself a pair of truly unique eye-protecting fashion accessories that look as cool as they are. They sell for $295 each. [Purchase]


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