What better way to present your favourite whiskies than with your very own…and very manly…Stag Horn Whiskey Flight.


For US$495 you can get one from Sir Jack’s. Unless of course, you really are looking to test your supposedly herculean strength against an unsuspecting wild stag. These rustic and brawny looking whiskey flights are handcrafted in Scotlandfrom genuine stag horn.


A unique gift for any whiskey connoisseur each flight will come with four 6oz tapered tasting glasses. Another cool factor to consider is that no two flights will be the same, as each item is sourced from natural antler. Imagine the looks you would get when you bring out the stag horn flight to serve the guests visiting your man cave. You could even regale them with tales of how you fought a deer for its horn…they don’t have to know that you actually bought it.





Courtesy of: luxury-insider

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