The Xperia X10 marks the debut of Google’s open source Android platform on a Sony Ericsson device. The device boasts impressive hardware including: a 4 inch glass touch screen, 8.1 mega pixel camera with auto focus and LED flash, 1Ghz Snapdragon CPU, and 1GB of internal storage with an available SD expansion slot.

Even more impressive are the software features the device is capable of. Specially developed applications extend the device into the cloud. Timescape serves as a global communications aggregator for the device. Messages retrieved from Facebook, Twitter, text, and phone are organized under a universal contact. In this way, the device uses software to improve organization of fractured social media and traditional communication methods.

Mediascape intelligently inventories your media whether locally held on the device or if the media is accessed via the web. The application then will make suggestions based upon your playing habits or even upon the playing habits of a friend you communicate with.

Last year, Google unveiled facial recognition software to reduce the amount of effort required to tag photos of your friends and family. It looks like a version of the software has found its way into the X10. Tag a person once in your X10 and the device will recognize that person’s face in the future. The excellent hardware coupled with the versatility of Google’s Android OS make the X10 one adaptable mobile device.

Courtesy of Sony

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