The Player’s Halloween Pickup Tips
Halloween isn’t about dressing up; it’s about picking up. The Player shows you how to get lucky tonight.
By The Player, Pick-up Specialist

The Player’s Halloween Pickup TipsThe idea that Halloween is only for children has long since disappeared, especially due to the increased frequency of costume parties for adults. It’s a time of the year when everyone has license to dress up. It is a time to let your inner child, in all its playful and/or devilish glory, shine through and embrace the mysticism of the holiday. Some will say it’s only an excuse for women to put on skimpy outfits, and while there is some truth to that theory (admit it, ladies), that’s hardly the point. The point is that Halloween really does have a lot to do with human sexuality: There’s excitement in wearing a mask and being unsure of a person’s identity, and there’s mystery in demons and things that go bump in the night. Lust is one of Dante’s Nine Circles of Hell, after all. The entire atmosphere is conducive to explosive feelings of animalistic passion, and if you want the passion without the commitment on October 31, here are some entry tickets.

Choose a Player-friendly costume

The first Halloween pickup tip has to do with costume choice. They say that people often choose costumes that emphasize their “internal reality,” so to speak, while others believe there’s an ulterior motive driving such decisions. The Player should acknowledge both and choose an outfit that not only reflects that innate desire to fulfill many a woman’s lustful wish, but one that also causes people to approach him with a look of interested confusion. Basically, the correct choice is a conversation starter, even though it occupies the middle ground somewhere between too subtle and outlandish. Perhaps something dignified with a touch of class accompanied by a dash of mischievous playfulness. It should be both impressive and simple, and capable of drawing in onlookers who simply wish to know more about the costume and, in turn, more about you.

Stay under the mask

Working off the previous fact that there’s excitement and a feeling of unfamiliar abandon when we can’t see someone’s face, this is how you generate an escalating sensation of unbridled desire. It’s amazing how quickly a spark can ignite between two people who can only see each other from the neck down, but in terms of strict physical attraction, it shouldn’t be too surprising. Therefore, the key is to attend a costume party and simply stay hidden behind the mask. Then, see if you can spot a particularly lovely thing — she doesn’t need to have a mask, but it helps — and work your magic, ideally through carefully executed gestures and body language. Without your face on display, it’s less about words and more about appealing to the lust that burns deep within her, which means this encounter should be very different than standard meetings.The Player’s Halloween pickup tips continue after the jump…

Play into her costume

It’s good advice to observe before using your approach techniques, and this rule has extra weight on Halloween. When a woman wears a costume at a party, she’s giving you every opening you could desire: She’s providing you with a tailor-made discussion piece that’s ripe for any number of descriptive comments. Perhaps her costume mirrors yours in a particular way or maybe you’ll respond “in character.” For example, if she’s a nurse, you might complain of a nagging little cough and that you must be cared for. There are very obvious possibilities that arise from her chosen costume. You can also use a pickup artist’s skill at deductive reasoning to learn a bit about her personality, and the talented Player will consider the possibility that her costume is the exact opposite of her true persona. Girls love to do this; the promiscuous ones dress up as angels, for example.

Seek out her wild side

Girls just love Halloween, so the wild side of that hot girl at the club won’t be difficult to find this year — and let’s not forget that October 31 falls on a Saturday. If you’ve been taking a conservative approach recently, Halloween may be the night when you can risk a more aggressive stance and you may be surprised at the results. For the most part, even if they’re not wearing a costume, girls tend to be a bit more carefree and cheerful during Halloween, and this trait should be very much on display on the dance floor. On top of which, it’s quite unlikely that any woman is looking for anything that could lead to a serious relationship. No, not on this night. It really is one of the safer nights for the Player as almost everyone is, perhaps surprisingly, on the same page.

Give me something good to eat

Halloween always has this aura of dark mystery, regardless of whether you are into witches and black cats. Women in particular seem to really get into the spirit of the holiday and there are ways to take advantage of their enthusiasm. It merely requires some attention to detail and a quick glimpse at the inner workings of this night.

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