For the beginning, the ideas behind this adorable champagne are to highlight the genetic symbol of the family De Watère and to bring the family’s history back into the minds of enthusiasts.

The house has recently come up with the ultra-premium Champagne De Watère, housing not only the highly luxurious Cuvée De Watère but also a 1-carat diamond hemmed within a transparent pouch and attached to the bottle alongside a numbered gold coin engraved with the emblem of De Watère.

The tasty liquor carefully protected by the bottle, the Cuvée de Watère, has been fabricated strictly according to the traditional Méthode Champenoise, guarantying long-lasting bubbles and full joy. The grapes used for this champagne were harvested from the brand’s own Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vineyard, with everything being done by hand or through traditional machinery and techniques.

The brand’s vineyard covers 5 hectares of land, therefore providing enough filling for 22,500 bottles of De Watère yearly. Half of these are Rosé, while the other half are Blanc. Out of these, 10,000 of each are available to the worldwide market. The rest of 2,500 bottles are being kept by the famous family.

In terms of appearance, the Brut Blanc comes with a gold, light luminescent tone, being made from 20% Chardonnay and 80% Pinot Noir. This provides the perfect unity between maturity and freshness to every accomplished connoisseur. The Brut Rosé, on the other hand, is entirely made from Pinot Noir, providing a tasty composition of profound rose tones and rich foam alongside fresh berry notes.

Furthermore, the bottles have been fitted with superbly finished coins, each of them boasting a sparkling diamond right in the middle. The main role of the coin is to be kept safely as an eternal symbol of this incredibly special occasion.

The most expensive De Watère champagne ever produced, this is quite an interesting target for such enthusiasts and connoisseurs. It reportedly used to be exclusively available for family members as a celebration of their reunion, but it is now available for worldwide purchase at $45,290 a bottle.

It comes in a gorgeous special case, handmade and hand finished in the most famous region of Germany, Bavaria, from solid wood. It also features satin gold touches, the package being wrapped in a gold foil and further secured with a gold hand-woven braid bearing the seal of De Watère.

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