Yes.  You’ve read, and by now seen, correctly.  This is a hotel that is located in Fiji, and it’s underwater!


40 feet below the surface in a lagoon off the coast of Poseidon Mystery Island, Poseidon Underseas Resort is a five-star resort just waiting for you to come visit.  Trust me, this place is going to be hard to beat as far as luxury hotels are concerned.


At roughly $15,000 a week, this underwater hotel is by no means available to everyone, but Poseidon guarantees a world class experience for the price.  Considering where the hotel is located, the attractions that they offer on and around Poseidon’s Mysterious Island, and the experience that one could have in an environment like this make the steep price seem much more reasonable, especially when you look at these pictures.



Poseidon Mystery Island is a 225 acre stretch of land in Fiji that is about a mile long.  It’s then surrounded by a lagoon that is about 5,000 acres or 7.8 square miles large which boasts pristine waters at about 90 feet (27.4 meters) in depth.  Apparently they have meticulously recreated some of the coral that was either damaged during construction or just through natural attrition, and added new coral in the areas around the rooms of the hotel for a better and more pleasurable viewing experience.



The rooms themselves are made of acrylic glass, and much like a submarine, the pressure within the rooms never changes regardless of depth.  This means that whenever you walk into the hotel (by the way this is done by taking an elevator at the end of a pier), there will be absolutely no discomfort.  The reflective film on the glass makes it virtually impossible to see into them during the day.  At night, the viewports can manually be made more opaque to increase privacy.




Each room is equipped with a panoramic view of the ocean floor with controllable underwater lights that shine onto the private artificial reef set up outside each room.  Each room also comes with an external fish feeder! And with a large indoor jacuzzi tub to lounge around in, these rooms are built for romantic nights, or unforgettable adventures.



The hotel comes with a restaurant and bar, both of which offer cuisine of exquisite status, as this is a 5 star hotel.  With other services such as a dive shop and retail boutique, library and lounge, theater and conference room, every amenity one could ask for is at your disposal.  There are also fitness centers, a golf course, tennis courts, and splash pools for those of us that need to work out on a daily basis.  For those that want to renew your vows or even get married here, there is a chapel with an ever changing backdrop of the ocean underwater as well!  What a romantic way to get married.



After you’ve gotten your fill of the hotel itself, there are plenty of things to do outside on the island and underneath the beautiful water.  Renting a personal Triton submarine and maneuvering it through the lagoon is a luxury that can only be found in a few select locations, and Poseidon’s Mysterious Island is one of them.  You can also explore the depths of the oceans as a passenger on-board a 1,000 foot luxury submersible, as well as go scuba diving near the reefs.  There are plenty of experiences to be had here!


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