Music and fashion are two of my favorite things, so when the two come together it’s like a harmonious match made in heaven.


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This latest conjunction is music to my ears,literally. Colorful headphone brand Urbanears has teamed up with Marc by Marc Jacobsto launch a collection of gorgeous colored headphones — and you’re definitely going to want a pair. 

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The collection features new editions of Urbanear’s flagship styles including the Humlan, an ultra-cushioned oversized set, and the Kransen, a finely-tuned in-ear pair. The line was conceptualized based on smooth, raw beats, colorful melodies and a soothing ambiance.

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The collection — which comes in over- and in-ear styles — comes in three colorways: Oil, Ocean and Berries. Oil, inspired by oil’s beautiful iridescent quality, dons a silky texture distilled into a lustrous two-tone color (these are definitely my favorites). Oceanhas a calming and peaceful vibe, as it was inspired by the tranquil sounds of the ocean, and Berries, exudes a deep potent color, just like the flavor in the berries of Scandinavia (where the brand is headquartered). With so many stunning options it’s hard to choose just one. Perhaps a different color for every mood?


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