The Bachelor Project proudly introduces you to one of the hottest clothing lines around
Vintige Collection

The Founder of Vintige wanted to create a line that went against mainstream fashion and the current trends of today. Vintige was created to promote individuality, self expression and the spirit of entrepreneurialism. We represent a lifestyle that is unique in its mission to provide high quality, luxury and meaningful apparel for the innovators, entrepreneurs, socially conscious visionaries, and fashion forward individuals striving to progress and positively influence our modern day society. Consumers of VINTIGE are willing to succeed regardless of circumstances and achieve success by any means necessary. Vintige is founded on the belief that balance, inner motivation, and fearlessness, will manifest success in an individuals life. Our brand will set the standard for those that come from all walks of life. VINTIGE follows the mantra “NOTHING ELSE EVEN MATTERS”. Meaning focus on what’s in front of you, not what’s around you. Never let others dictate the road you follow. We represent a way of life and choose the life we live.




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