Woody Creek Distillery, founded and run by Mary and Pat Scanlan, is a craft distillery in every sense.


Woody Creek Signature Potato Vodka - Painful and Expensive

When talking about craft distillery, it doesn’t get much more ‘craft’ than growing your own heirloom potatoes and getting them into the distillery within 48 hours of harvest. Woody Creek, which began production in October got exactly that. They grow their own potatoes (with lovely names like Colorado Rio Grande Russet, Chepita and Lady Claire) at their own 30 acre family farm, then combine it with Colorado Rocky Mountain water, use top-of-the-line technology, and distill the finest spirits possible. “Because of the “estate potatoes,” they’re able to harvest and begin the distillation process on the same day, which they believe provides a special flavor to their vodka.

Woody Creek Signature Potato Vodka - Painful and Expensive


The result is a remarkable depth of aroma and taste, warming effect on the palate — without the eye-squinting bite lesser vodkas deliver. On the nose, the spirit is clean and crisp. On the taste, you get a sweet, buttery-vanilla flavor.

“Everything about potato vodka is painful. Painful and expensive,”” Pat explains, referring to the crop of starchy Stobrawa potatoes (native to Poland) he planted. After two years of testing different potato varieties, they finally got a quality crop that is the base of the distillery’s first production of Woody Creek Colorado vodka.

Their plan is to expand production, cultivate a relationship with a distributor, and patiently grow the business as a “top high-end, small-batch distillery in America.

Woody Creek Signature Potato Vodka - Painful and Expensive


This summer distillery should also release Reserve Stobrawa Vodka (a reserve vodka made from a rare strain of Polish potatoes with a production run of just a couple of thousand bottles) and two specialty spirits – apple brandy and pear eau de vie. In 2015, the distillery will release Colorado Whiskey.

For now Woody Creek Signature Potato Vodka runs about $40 a bottle.

Woody Creek Signature Potato Vodka - Painful and Expensive



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