The people at W Hotels aren’t afraid to push the design envelope, and their partners at Wunderbar Montreal were happy to do the shoving.



This multicolored kaleidoscope of a bar is the hip place to spend the evening before retreating to the rooms and suites upstairs at the W Hotel Montreal.  Designed and operated by BPC, Wunderbar is well-suited to lounge relaxation in the evening and up-tempo dancing in the later hours.



Wunderbar’s undulating wall-to-ceiling lighting is its visual centerpiece, a display of light that changes colors and moods as the night (and music) progress onward.  The bar itself shifts its mood as well, lighting the spirit bottles and bar-side guests throughout the evening.  In total, the bar is visual candy for the nightlife-minded, a nice little escape below the rooms of the W Hotel.






Courtesy of The Coolist

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